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Instead of using “very”

I don't particularly use social media, however, sometimes I visit the landing page of them to see what's happening, and for memes. One time — against all odds — I found a useful post on tumblr (archive). My reason for providing an archive link is the same reason for creating this note: The tumblr link keeps breaking.

When someone changes their usename on tumblr it also changes their subdomain name, with the old username not redirecting to the new one. So, instead of continually trying to find the new post on an increasingly hostile website, I'm going to duplicate the post here.

However, it should be noted that the original source for this information appears to be a website which is no longer accessible. Thus, think of this as an archive of the original information in text form.

Part 1
Very mean Cruel
Very boring Dull
Very slow Sluggish
Very careful Cautious
Very colourful Vibrant
Very creative Innovative
Very crowded Bustling
Very empty Desolate
Very loose Slack
Very cute Adorable
Very lively Animated
Very often Frequently
Very thirsty Parched
Very tight Constricting
Very wide Expansive
Very windy Blustery
Very heavy Leaden
Very hungry Starving
Very friendly Amiable
Very evil Wicked
Very messy Slovenly
Part 2
Very nice Kind
Very skinny Skeletal
Very small Petite
Very smart Intelligent
Very smelly Pungent
Very soft Downy
Very sorry Apologetic
Very special Exceptional
Very strong Forceful
Very stupid Idiotic
Very sure Certain
Very sweet Thoughtful
Very talented Gifted
Very tall Towering
Very tasty Delicious
Very tiny Miniscule
Very tired Exhausted
Very ugly Hideous
Very unhappy Miserable
Very upset Distraught
Very weak Frail

Originally written: 2022-11-12T10:30