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EIV (EFL Image Viewer) is an image viewer written using the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL). It's main purpose is to load a remote image provided as a command-line argument, however, you can view local images as well.

screenshot of EIV showing the header image for this page.

Source Code

You can find the source code for EIV on OSDN. You can clone the repository to your machine by using Mercurial:

hg clone https://hg.osdn.net/view/eiv/eiv-source

The only requirements for building EIV are the EFL, versions 1.25.1 and newer are supported.


EIV is licensed under the terms of the BSD 2-Clause License. You can find more details in the COPYING file.

This page was first uploaded: 2023-01-28
Last update: 2023-03-14