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The MagickD project provides bindings for the GraphicsMagick library for use in the D Programming Language. It's separated in to two packages, the first is the actual binding to the GraphicsMagick library (graphicsmagick_c), and the second package (magickd) is the still in heavy development high-level wrapper around the MagickWand API.

Currently, the graphicsmagick_c package is almost a complete binding to version 1.3.0, once this is complete, work will continue on magickd to make it work again.

Source Code

The primary location is on Codeberg.
Should Codeberg be down, there are some mirrors available:


There are some examples for the graphicsmagick_c module in the respective Examples directory.


MagickD is licensed under the terms of the Expat License (MIT License). You can find more details in the LICENSE file for MagickD.