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the (soon-to-be) suite of medialist programs form my replacement for MyAnimeList/Kitsu.io/AniDB/etc. though they could be used for any sort of "media" list-keeping.

medialist programs allow you to create lists, add items to the lists, update items, delete items and view the list.

all medialist programs on this page use the same directory structure internally. the main configuration file is located at $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/medialist/medialist.conf, you can find out the expanded path by entering: echo "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/medialist/medialist.conf". the fallback location is $HOME/.config/medialist/medialist.conf, where $HOME is your home directory.

currently there is only one setting, so the configuration documentation is as follows:

# settings related to all medialist programs.

# the directory where lists are stored.
# below is the default location and fallback
# location if this file doesn't exist.
directory = ~/.local/share/medialist/

as the above snippet says, your lists are stored (by default) in the directory $XDG_DATA_HOME/medialist, by default this is the same as $HOME/.local/share/medialist.

important: when setting a custom directory, don't use environment variables. currently there is no support for them. additionally, if you change this location after creating some lists, you will have to move the files yourself.


a CLI for medialist. you can read a little bit of documentation in the README file in the git repository. at some point I'll write more here.

you can clone the source from git by running: git clone https://rocketgit.com/user/dawning/medialist-cli. to build medialist-cli from source, you need a D compiler* and GNU Make installed. the build and install steps are as you might expect:

  1. DC=ldc2 make
  2. sudo make install

the default DC is dmd. you can uninstall medialist-cli by running sudo make uninstall.

* currently, some older versions of GDC don't work. that'll be fixed for the next version.


coming soon (desktop gnu/linux)


coming soon (mobile gnu/linux)

last updated: 2021-02-16