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A CLI tool for downloading content from pixiv. It allows you to download individual artworks/manga, all of an accounts artworks/manga, the latest content from accounts you follow, and all content from all of the accounts you follow.


Usage: pixiv_down <command> <arguments> [options]

  artist <id> [-t|--type TYPE]

      Download all TYPE from artist id.
      TYPE can be either manga or illust, depending on what you want
      to download.

  artwork <id...>

      Download an artwork (or manga) with ID id.  You can download
      multiple items by passing multiple IDs separated by a space.

  daily <-e|--end END> [-b|--begin BEGIN] [-r|--restrict RESTRICT]

      Downlaod all the latest content from all the accounts you follow.
      The BEGIN and END options work as you might expect.  They
      download everything starting from (and including) BEGIN, and
      continue downloading until (and including) END.  They expect a
      date in the format YYYY-MM-DD.

      The RESTRICT option is not yet implemented, but will allow
      you to restrict what you download to safe, r18, or both.  The
      default will be both (current behaviour).

  following [-p|--private] [-o|--offset OFFSET] [-l|--limit LIMIT]

      Download from accounts you follow, in order of most recently
      followed.  By default it downloads all accounts you publicly
      follow, but this can be changed with --private.

      You can offset the account to start downloading at with
      OFFSET, and you can limit the number of accounts per-page
      with LIMIT (default is 24).


At the moment there is only one configuration option, which is to specify where the content is downloaded. The configuration file can be found at $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/pixiv_down/settings.conf, falling back to /home/username/.config/pixiv_down/settings.conf. The configuration should be as follows:

base_folder = /home/username/Pictures

Change /home/username/Pictures to the directory of your choice.


Currently there are no direct downloads meaning you'll have to build from source. I plan on providing an AppImage for Linux soon, I just want to have a version of MagickD for the more recent versions of GraphicsMagick.

Source Code

The pixiv_down source code is available via git. Web interfaces are available at the pixiv_down repository hosted on codeberg and the pixiv_down repository at OSDN.

To get the tree and place it in a sub-directory of your current directory, you can clone it from either of the above repositories:

git clone https://codeberg.org/supercell/pixiv_down


git clone http://pf.osdn.net/gitroot/n/ne/nemophila/pixiv_down.git


Please keep in mind that constantly sending a lot of requests to the servers hosting pixiv may result in your account being suspended or terminated. pixiv_down has a rudementary system to try and avoid this, however there is no guarantee that it will prevent this from happening. I'm not responsible if you abuse the servers.

It should also be mentioned that pixiv_down doesn't help you download content which you don't have access to. For example, if you're attempting to download a post from another person's account and it is private, then it will not work.


pixiv_down is licensed under the terms GNU General Public License, version 3. You can find more details in the COPYING file, or online at the GNU website.


There isn't too much of a roadmap, just a couple of loose features that I still want to implement before calling this "done".

This page was first uploaded: 2023-01-28
Last update: 2023-01-29