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A D module which provides access to some of the web APIs for pixiv. It's main use is for pixiv_down, but it has been written to be re-useable.


To use pixivD with dub, you'll need version 1.23.0 or newer (this is when support for git was implemented). Then in your configuration file:

# dub.sdl
dependency "pixivd" repository="git+https://pf.osdn.net/gitroot/n/ne/nemophila/pixivd.git" \
// dub.json
    // previous configuration options...
    dependencies: {
        "pixivd": {
            "repository": "git+https://pf.osdn.net/gitroot/n/ne/nemophila/pixivd.git",
            "version": "8b0d2e3157470ef5551bd38769d144ffbbe4216a"

Source Code

The pixiv_down source code is available via git. Web interfaces are available at the pixivd repository hosted on codeberg and the pixid repository at OSDN.

To get the tree and place it in a sub-directory of your current directory, you can clone it from either of the above repositories:

git clone https://codeberg.org/supercell/pixivd


git clone http://pf.osdn.net/gitroot/n/ne/nemophila/pixivd.git


You can find some examples on how to use the API in the Examples directory in the source code.


pixiv_down is licensed under the terms GNU General Public License, version 3. You can find more details in the COPYING file, or online at the GNU website.

This page was first uploaded: 2023-01-28