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pixivD Tools

Some additional programs for people using pixiv_down.


Remove Unfollowed

This program will go through all of the pixiv users that you have downloaded and check to see if you're following them. If not, you'll be prompted to delete the directory.

Combine Users

This program will go though all the directories of the pixiv accounts that you've downloaded from and combine any duplicate directories for that account. You'll be asked which account name you want to use.

The purpose of the tool is to reduce duplicate content that may occur. For example, and account you follow just started using Fanbox, they may now be including @ Fanbox in their display name. Another common occurance is when the person running an account is counting down to an event or a release date and updates their display name every day.


The easiest way to get the programs is to download the repository and build the programs yourself. You can download the repository as a .TAR.GZ archive (or .ZIP).


Each of the tools are licensed under the terms of the BSD 2 Clause License. You can find more details in the LICENSE file, or find it online.

This page was first uploaded: 2023-01-29